At Sea to Colombo, 3 January 1893

Quietly, SMS Elisabeth floats across the blue sea at a velocity of 12 miles per hour. We were wishfully expecting the arrival at Colombo. Near the evening, the lighthouse of Minicoy on the Lakedives became visible and with the telescope we could distinguish some of the Coral Islands of the Lakedives and Maledives group.


  • Location: near Minicoy, Indian Ocean
  • ANNO – on 03.01.1893 in Austria’s newspapers. Das Vaterland informs about the escalating trade war between France and Switzerland. After the failure of coming to a trade agreement, Switzerland starts charging import duties on key French products such as wine. The beneficiaries of this small trade war will be the Italian wine producers.
  • The United States of America is already preparing the inauguration of its new president Grover Cleveland on 4 March 1893. Incidentally, Grover Cleveland had been president once before from 1885 to 1889, so the ceremony is a repetition for him.

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